Dog Related Injuries

If you are a pet owner you have the same responsibilities to your pet as a parent does for a child; feeding, shelter, medical care, and controlling a pet’s behavior. While most New Hampshire pet owners are responsible, from time to time, we may come into contact with a negligent pet owner. Negligent pet owners not only mistreat helpless animals, but in many cases they create incredibly dangerous pets.

The New Hampshire law pertaining to dog-inflicted injuries is more favorable to victims than most other states. It includes any cause of damage by a dog, injuries to humans and property, including another dog or cat. The statute is as follows:

466:19 Liability of Owner or Keeper. – Any person to whom or to whose property, including sheep, lambs, fowl, or other domestic creatures, damage may be occasioned by a dog not owned or kept by such person shall be entitled to recover damages from the person who owns, keeps, or possesses the dog, unless the damage was occasioned to a person who was engaged in the commission of a trespass or other tort. A parent or guardian shall be liable under this section if the owner or keeper of the dog is a minor.

If you, or a relative, have been injured in a dog-related accident, or dog bite, call T.W. Stevens Law Firm for a consultation.


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