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Anonymous Client:   I chose Todd Stevens to represent me in my divorce because I wanted a lawyer who was experienced in handling complex financial issues.  My spouse owned a share in a closely held corporation, and had many financial transactions with the company that were difficult to understand.  I also found out my spouse was having an affair.  I was at an emotional low point and Todd helped me get through it.  He explained the complicated financial issues and the impact my spouse’s infidelity could have on my divorce.  He strongly advocated for me and we reached a settlement without going to court.  I received a majority of the assets which was important to me because I earned much less than my spouse.  I would recommend Todd to anyone going through a divorce like mine.

Anonymous Client: I was very nervous when I decided to file for divorce.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, how to pick a lawyer, how things would progress.  Todd was supportive, listened to my situation and was there when I had questions (and there were a lot).  Todd provided a lot of guidance on what my rights were and how best to proceed.  We had similar philosophies regarding the “right” or “wrong” way to approach this was.  He provided multiple scenarios and let me choose which path to take.  Todd provided support, expertise and got me through the legal system in one piece.

Anonymous Client:  I was introduced to Todd mid-way through what was intended to be a mediated divorce. I had originally looked to him to advise on my business interests and compliment the legal team I was working with. I quickly found him to be more valuable than my current legal team who had been essentially asking me to roll over on everything put forth in mediation. After more than a year of nowhere mediation I shifted to Todd as my primary counsel and he helped put a litigation strategy together that enabled me to re-focus my efforts toward the things that were important to me; more time with my kids, short-term financial impacts, and a quicker path to getting through this and back to my career and family. Todd developed a litigation strategy that provided a more forward stance so what we could get an outcome that was fair to me and didn’t impact my long-term goals as a working father. In the end I got exactly what I wanted, how I wanted it, and for that I am very pleased to have met and been able to get to know Todd. Highly recommended.

Anonymous Client: I came to Todd in the middle of a contentious domestic meltdown, having been through several less effective attorneys already. Todd was able to restore order, chart a path through the confusion, and get us all to a resolution that perserved something like a wholesome environment for the children. The nice thing about Todd is his ability to have genuine empathy for the situation and the people involved, particularly the innocent children, and to then employ this legal expertise to wade through the difficulty. Highly recommended.

Anonymous Client: Having known and trusted Todd for nearly 10 years, his candid and frank approach was what drew us to use him as personal counsel as we were in the process of forming an LLC with a few other parties. Because he took the time to understand our situation, he advocated for language that protected our specific interests in the incorporation documents. He is open and accessible and has been a valuable resource to me and my family on a variety of issues. When I have a legal question, Todd is one of the first people that I turn to for advice.

Anonymous Client: We were looking for an attorney what would stand up for us in a parenting case and Todd Stevens was the right choice. He fought for us and was able to get the court to award us a parenting plan and child support that was very much in our favor and in the child’s.  Todd was very calm and ready for anything. If anyone is looking for an attorney I would highly recommend Todd Stevens.

Anonymous Client: I wanted an attorney who would understand the impact of a divorce on my children, and would keep their welfare in mind. Attorney Stevens was on-board with that desire from our first meeting, and I feel a fair resolution was reached, due in large part to Attorney Stevens’s cool-headed approach to very emotional issues. Attorney Stevens orchestrated a settlement that was very much in my children’s and my own best interests, and financially protected me better than I could have hoped for had we let the court settle the divorce. Hindsight is 20/20, and while I hope to never again need an attorney’s services for a divorce, I would only make one phone call. T.W. Stevens.

Anonymous Client: Great personal and corporate attorneys at T.W. Stevens Law Firm! I have used Todd at T.W. Stevens Law Firm as both a personal attorney (wills, trusts, etc.) and as a corporate attorney fro my business. He has handled all matters professionally, in a timely manner, and with great diligence. I would strongly recommend him, whatever your legal need.


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