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Legal Decision-making in NH Parenting Plans

Legal Decision-making in NH Parenting Plans – Joint or Sole? Parenting Plans in New Hampshire are required in all NH divorce and parenting actions.  Experienced New Hampshire family law and divorce attorneys frequently draft NH Parenting Plans for clients, often

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Adultery in NH Divorce Cases

NH divorce lawyers regularly see adultery cases in which one spouse claims the other committed adultery, cheated, was unfaithful, had an extramarital affair, etc.   This spouse often blames the adultery or infidelity for the breakdown of the marriage and seeks vindication

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Unbundled New Hampshire Divorce Attorneys

NH divorce attorneys, especially those who are experienced and aggressive, are often deemed too expensive by people with family law issues.  They reason that hiring a New Hampshire family law attorney is an all-or-nothing proposition that requires thousands of dollars in

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Tips for a Successful Divorce in New Hampshire

As a married person, and a New Hampshire divorce attorney, I’m fascinated to learn about the tips for a successful marriage.  One need only do a quick Google search to confirm millions share my fascination – articles, videos, seminars, and

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NH Divorce and Family Law: 3 Common Mistakes on Financial Affidavits

by Todd W. Stevens, Esquire Financial Affidavits in New Hampshire Divorce and Parenting Cases – Introduction In all New Hampshire divorces and New Hampshire parenting actions, the parties are required by New Hampshire Circuit Court Family Division Rule 1.25-A to file

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Divorce Lawyers in Portsmouth and Dover New Hampshire: Jurisdiction

Portsmouth NH Divorce Lawyers and Dover NH Divorce Attorneys who practice in family law, child custody, child support and alimony cases. Contact us today.

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The Relationship Between Alimony and Property Division in NH Divorce Cases

by Todd W. Stevens, Esquire The New Hampshire Divorce Property Division Statute – RSA 458:16-a Almost every New Hampshire divorce involves division of marital property.  How marital property is defined and divided is controlled by the NH property division statute, RSA

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3 Misconceptions about Divorce Mediation in New Hampshire

by Todd W. Stevens, Esquire The power of suggestion.  Advertisements are built on it.  Politicians (yuck) trade on it.  Friends rely on it to make everyday decisions.  And the divorce mediation process uses it to broker settlements in divorce cases.

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NH Divorce Attorneys: 3 Common Misconceptions About New Hampshire Child Support

by Todd W. Stevens, Esquire On its face, calculating child support in New Hampshire seems easy.  There a mathematical formula, incorporated in the New Hampshire Child Support Guidlines, located here, into which you input the number of children, the parties’ gross

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T.W. Stevens Law Firm: Relocation of a Residence of a Child in New Hampshire: NH Family Law Attorney

by Todd W. Stevens, Esquire A NH Statute, RSA 461-A:12, Governs Relocation of a Residence of a Child in New Hampshire A common issue addressed by New Hampshire family law attorneys in New Hampshire divorces or NH parenting actions is

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