Unbundled New Hampshire Divorce Attorneys

NH divorce attorneys, especially those who are experienced and aggressive, are often deemed too expensive by people with family law issues.  They reason that hiring a New Hampshire family law attorney is an all-or-nothing proposition that requires thousands of dollars in up-front retainer.  They are wrong.

“Unbundled legal representation therefore allows virtually anyone to access an experienced New Hampshire family law attorney at a fraction of the cost of full representation.”

New Hampshire divorce attorneys and NH divorce lawyers increasingly represent parties in NH divorce and parenting cases on a limited, or unbundled, basis. That is, the New Hampshire family law lawyer only performs certain tasks for a party and does not represent him/her for the entirely of his/her case.

Unbundled legal representation therefore allows virtually anyone to access an experienced New Hampshire family law attorney at a fraction of the cost of full representation. Unbundled divorce attorneys in NH divorce and parenting cases often undertake the tasks discussed below for clients.

Unbundled NH Divorce Attorneys Provide General Guidance on NH Divorce Law and Procedures

For many people, divorce is their first interaction with the New Hampshire court system.  Not surprisingly, they do not know what to file, where to file, what happens after they file, and how the law applies to their case.  The sheer amount of uncertainty causes many people significant stress and anxiety.

That’s where an unbundled NH divorce attorney can help.  An unbundled New Hampshire divorce attorney can explain how divorce works in the New Hampshire court system.  S/he can also explain what New Hampshire laws apply to your case and how a New Hampshire family court may interpret the law in your case.  For example, an unbundled NH divorce attorney frequently explains how child support works, and can calculate how much child support should be paid in your case.

For many people, simply sitting with a NH family law attorney and becoming familiar with the New Hampshire court system is enough.

Unbundled NH Family Law Lawyers Help Clients Draft Legal Documents

Another common task undertaken by unbundled family law lawyers in New Hampshire is drafting legal documents.  Many couples who are ready to divorce already have agreed upon the important issues – alimony, child support, property division, health insurance, etc.  They just need an unbundled NH family law attorney to draft up their agreement in a form the New Hampshire family court will accept.

Another task NH unbundled divorce attorneys undertake in New Hampshire is drafting petitions and motions.  Oftentimes, individuals know what they want, but don’t know how to say it.  For example, many people want to increase or decrease their monthly child support payments. Their reasons are often valid – a change in employment, earnings, etc.  An unbundled attorney can help them translate their reasons into a motion or petition.  Other times, people want to modify aspects of their Final Parenting Plan, Final Parenting Decree, or Final Decree on Petition for Divorce.  An unbundled lawyer can draft the appropriate pleading for the party to use in court.

Unbundled NH Parenting Attorneys Appear at Court Hearings for Clients

People with previous experience in the family court system are often comfortable with their perceived knowledge of the law and their ability to express themselves in appropriate petitions or motions.  For these individuals, the stumbling block is the court hearing itself.  Advocating for yourself at hearing is difficult – where to start, what to say, what NOT to say,  what documents to bring, how to offer those documents to the court, etc.  The strong suit of most experienced unbundled family law attorneys is oral advocacy and they excel at court hearings.

The T.W. Stevens Law Firm Represents Unbundled Clients in NH Divorce, Parenting, and Modification Cases

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Todd W. Stevens, Esquire

Attorney Todd W. Stevens is an experienced New Hampshire attorney with a state-wide practice in personal injury, family law and business law. Attorney Stevens regularly litigates cases in New Hampshire courts and is a sought-after advocate in complex cases. Attorney Stevens maintains a limited caseload and carefully selects his clients.

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