Modifying a NH Parenting Plan

by Todd W. Stevens, Esquire

The New Hampshire Parenting Plan

A key document in a New Hampshire divorce or New Hampshire parenting action involving minor children is the Parenting Plan.  The NH Parenting Plan is mandatory and clearly delineates each parent’s rights, obligations and responsibilities.  New Hampshire divorce attorneys and NH family law lawyers regularly help individuals draft NH parenting plans that are in the children’s best interests and are agreed-upon by both parties.

“The parent who wants to change the NH Parenting Plan must go to court and request that the Plan be modified.”

When a Parent Wants to Change a NH Parenting Plan

However, while the parents and the children continue to grow and change, the NH Parenting Plan in their case does not.  Often, one parent wants to modify the New Hampshire parenting plan to reflect changed circumstances.  The other parent does not.  What then?

The parent who wants to change the NH Parenting Plan must go to court and request that the New Hampshire parenting plan be modified.  Despite the parent’s best intentions, and despite what the parent considers to be clear reasons for the change, the court often refuses to modify the parenting plan.  Why?

Why a Parent is Often Unsuccessful in Changing the NH Parenting Plan

Because there is a specific New Hampshire law that governs when a court can, and cannot, modify a NH Parenting Plan.  The law outlines specific circumstances which a parent must show in order for the NH Parenting Plan to be changed.  Parents who are unrepresented by New Hampshire family law lawyers or NH divorce attorneys usually aren’t familiar with the law and so cannot meet the modification burden required by New Hampshire law.

How We Can Help

At the T.W. Stevens Law Firm, we are very familiar with New Hampshire law regarding modifications.  We regularly help clients successfully modify their New Hampshire Parenting Plans.  Contact us today and learn why many of our clients consider us to be the best family law lawyers in New Hampshire.


Todd W. Stevens, Esquire

Attorney Todd W. Stevens is an experienced New Hampshire attorney with a state-wide practice in personal injury, family law and business law. Attorney Stevens regularly litigates cases in New Hampshire courts and is a sought-after advocate in complex cases. Attorney Stevens maintains a limited caseload and carefully selects his clients.

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